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LIT is an Open Access Network provider (OANP) that installs and maintains network infrastructure in Multi-Dwelling Units, Residential complexes, Estates, business parks, and shopping centres and more.

LIT is not an ISP but rather provides a network infrastructure platform that allows any accredited Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer their services, ensuring that clients have a variety of options on ISPs to choose from and hence creating a healthy competition for ISPs to provide better service and pricing to clients.

Our state-of-the-art network monitoring centre in Johannesburg provides round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance to ensure that our network remains up and running 24/7.

We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to our clients. Some of our services include:

- Open Access on Fixed Wireless
- Open Access on Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH)
- Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB)


To provide a quality and affordable Open Access Network on which ISPs can provide internet access and related services to their clients and compete fairly to drive better service and pricing ultimately getting everyone connected.


To be the preferred Open Access Network provider that provides customer-centric and innovative solutions that ultimately creates a better and smarter connected world.


- Integrity
- Transparency
- Accountability